Performance Mentoring For Professionals

High performance capability building programmes



As corporate educators and experienced solution delivery people, we know in the fast paced world of ‘change’ not everyone has the time to master every skill. Over the years, we have observed how a professional skill gap can lead to confidence issues, low performing teams and staff problems within in technical areas.

Four reasons when performance mentoring is the answer


1. A staff member commencing a new leadership role

One of your staff has started a new team leader role and hasn’t yet acquired the skills to perform confidently. You and they want to do their best, but they’re struggling with the old and the new.

MCBI’s mentoring program supports the person for approximately 100 days during the transition and asks them to consider how they will be different at the end. We face the person forward and help with the momentum.

With our trained mentors, we delve into the technical and the organisational ingredients for success and together build a plan to set up your staff member for supported learning.


2. The pace of change has increased

As technology and design changes and increasingly we’re living with dynamic requirements, the lines of demarcation between technical, business analysts and project managers are blurring. Each must understand the role of the other and ensure we deliver to every team member with success in mind.


3. Creating a role model for all staff

You have a team and there’s an informal leader in there who has the power to create greatness or averageness and you want to help amplify this power for good.

Mentoring is a wonderful way to support and build a team role model and multiply the impact of high achievement.


4. A positive way to support challenged staff

We all have moments throughout our career when we’re disillusioned and doubting whether the place we’re in is the right one. This sense of not knowing can lead to a phase of being 100% normal but also disillusioned.

An astute manager can use mentoring to help a person manage this phase and reconnect to their workplace with a deeper sense of knowing and commitment having spent time exploring their issues.



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