Welcome to The Jungal Australia's Newest Digital Resourcing Platform


An astounding 97% of organisations believe project management is critical to business performance and organisational success.

So what is the Jungal™?

It is a new way to find you’re next ‘A-Team’ for your critical project.


MCBI offers our clients our unique hybrid, specialist resourcing portal that matches great people with great projects. A free service, that allows you to find exactly who you need to and fast. This means you bring together your resourcing options quickly and with total confidence. The Jungal is filled with talented and motivated people ready to join your project. And how do we know they’re that great? MCBI has verified every person.


With you MCBI team you can ask us for our opinion as to whether your potential team member is a great fit for your scope, political environment and project needs. With our successful background in resourcing and delivery, we will make sure you secure the right resources for your project.

What is it not? It isn’t risky and isn’t hard

It is not an anonymous, online portal that asks you to take a risk of hiring someone based on a snazzy profile. There is no money in escrow nor are you carrying the risk of non-performance. MCBI runs the back end and continues to look after our people with payrolling, insurance cover, career support and being a part of a professional community.

The Jungal™ is an adjunct to the award-winning MCBI resourcing service and we ensure your team are legal, compliant and meeting the high standards of a specialist recruiting firm.

How does it work? You register for free and start hunting

Our clients can search and find their perfect project resource, check their availability, read feedback from other clients and request a meeting via phone, skype or face to face. And all from their desktop or mobile. And there’s not a pesky salesperson in sight. We know projects and we know resourcing, so why risk your project with anybody else?

Want to know more or even join the Jungal yourself?


Maybe you’re a top performing consultant, trainer or a freelance project manager looking to add to your work portfolio, then please register with MCBI and let’s get to know each other. We’re passionate about matching great project people to great projects and we would love to hear from you.

+61 8 8180 0601

Clients Testimonials

Creating real results is all that matters to MCBI. Our clients are our best advertisement.

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