Diversity and Culture Capabilty Building Programmes



We know intuitively that diversity matters and increasingly we see the strong advantage of having a strategy that captures the value of diversity and cultural complexity. Companies that have a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to have higher returns in their industry sectors.

And conversely, organisations who fail to address the diverse needs of their culture are less likely to succeed. As the world becomes more global, the need to capture the diversity and embrace and change before us.

So maybe it is time to explore what MCBI can do to assist you to build your diversity advantage.


  • Cultural Assessments and benchmarking
  • Training Programmes
    • Diversity and Inclusiveness
    • Global Business
    • Teamwork in diversity
    • Communication Skills
    • Remote Teamwork
    • Adaptive Leadership
  • Executive Strategy Creation
  • Software Solutions
    • Zoho People – HR Solutions
  • Facilitation and workshopping
  • Coaching
  • Performance Mentoring
    • Individual and Group Programs

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