Customer Centricity Capability Building Programmes



Creating an organisation that has a deep understanding and relentless commitment to customer service yields significant dividends. Higher staff morale, better returns and a lower risk profile produces a better business.

For over 10 years MCBI has worked with clients to produce outstanding CX transformations. Our approach has seen a dramatic and lasting change in many small and larger organisation who have created unique solutions to enhance the customer, patient or student experience.

 Service Offerings

  • Organisational Assessments
  • Training – Public and Private
    • CX and Journey Mapping
    • Process Design for CX
    • Better Business Analysis
    • Six Sigma and Lean
    • Digital CX Design
    • Sales Training
  • Coaching
  • CX Improvement Programmes for Staff
  • Management Consulting
    • Digital Strategy
    • People and Performance
  • CRM Software Solutions
    • Zoho Cloud-Based CRM
    • Social Media Management
    • Sales IQ and Analytics
    • Campaign Management
    • Client Surveys

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