Join us for the next 60MOC on Dec 2nd 2016. This is going to be AWESOME fun and will be truly unique 60MOC experience.

The session will be largely set around a hypothetical change program in a typical organisation and we will ask our panel of experts to ask and shape the new program as we go.

Our amazing and brutally honest panel will be asked to explore and comment on how they, as leaders in their field, will respond to the hypothetical issues that will arise and provide insight into what really happens in change management.

Grab a spot quick as we get ready to say farewell to the 2016 60MOC series.


Join us for this great 60MOC.


Mr. Paul Dewsnap

Senior Leader – Strategy and Architecture
Bendigo Adelaide Bank

Lesley Marchioro

Agile Change Leader
SA Power Networks

Maria Eliadis
Sociologist, Adaptive Leadership
KDG Partnership

Ian Pratt
Change Management Consultant
What makes a good leader