smartData and MCBI – Bringing software, service and innovation

Jul 18, 2016
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May 2016 – MCBI is delighted to announce it’s partnership with the global software provider smartData and position MCBI to be able to produce end to end innovation for clients.

After a year of long courtship and establishing work processes and systems, the two companies has successful delivered a number of cross country projects and created a smooth delivery model.

The arrangement will see the dedicated team expanded in India and the local Australian support team working closely together.

‘It is the fulfilment of many years of hard work and we’re delighted to be working so closely with such a high performing global team.’, said Marina Pullin, Managing Director of MCBI,

‘This completes our promise of being able to partner with clients across the disciplines of people, projects and process to create better organisations’.

Ajay Tewari, CEO of smataData, is equalled excited to be teaming with a group known for their passion and reputation for business analysis, testing, project management and high quality consulting.

‘By combining our respective strengths and embracing our shared values of customer service and team work, we expect to be strong player in this space. Once our Australian clients experience our quality, cost and customer service, we’re sure they will just keep coming back.’

The change is effective immediately and clients can now approach MCBI to expand their relationship to include software delivery. Any media enquires regarding this can be directed to