New Diversity Training Workshop – Starts Dec 12th in Adelaide

Oct 22, 2017
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It is on everyone’s lips and we’re all a bit confused because the meaning and gesture of ‘Diversity’ has changed dramatically since the old days of ‘Don’t touch up the secretary just because you’re the boss’ It is about strategy, culture, strength and building an environment that produces better results.

MCBI is thrilled to be offering an extension workshop to our successful Adaptive Leadership Training ‘Practising Diversity’.
A one day session for people of all backgrounds and seniority to learn some of the latest elements of why diversity management is a game changer.

– Explore the Australian Culture with diversity. Understand why we are different
– Globalisation impact on embracing diversity
– Gender equality issues
– Diversity management – pay, promotion and focus
– Conflict management when diverse doesn’t line up
– Cultural awareness and performance

The session will be starting in December 2017 publically and right now for private.
Tiffany Boin at our office is the person to chat to.