#60MOC October 7th – Every battle is won (or lost) before you pick up a weapon

Sep 14, 2016
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Categories : 60MOC Series, Latest News

The world is getting smarter and more ‘human dominated’, whilst also becoming ‘dumber’ and more dependent on computers.

What a strange planet we have become and making sense of data is a difficult thing amongst shifting rules and attitudes

Collecting data is easy and creating piles of it all too fun, but producing a sensible narrative is hard. So who better to help us with making sense than ‘Sun Tzu’, our ancient War Lord of Bits and Bites. Ouch!

Come along to this very geeky and sophisticated #60MOC where we will look at the complex topic of risk based pricing and the long reach it has over our organisations. It can create many opportunities, but also huge, almost unimaginable levels of risk for all stakeholders.

We will look specifically at the finance and health industries and explain how the visibility and data sets will shape who wins the next war in the marketplace.

So bring you ‘Recency Bias’, some war strategies and a coffee from BTS at 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide beforehand and get your geek on.