Employee of the Month or the Dark Force?

Jul 25, 2016
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Meet Roombie

Maybe he’s our employee of the month and, if so, probably will be for the next 10 years!


Apart from being a bit naughty on the weekends when no one is here (check our Facebook for a full explanation), why would our little Roombie be so loved?


Well, it is hard to say – but he really is a model employee.


He works hard, never complains, is ALWAYS on time, gets right to the point when something is wrong  (he has a little alert) and he is SO darn clever with his movement and style, you can help but admire him.


Even though Roombie has lovely eyes (someone who will remain nameless, glued two eyes on it??) he can’t see us. read our emotions nor feel us. He doesn’t come to work with stories of the weekend and he’s pretty rubbish at fostering friendships and all that lovely ‘human’ stuff.


And for that reason, even though we love you Roombie, you can’t be our Employee of the Month.


People are messy, late, disorganised and their cats get run over and they can’t come to work – but for all the ‘Non-Roombie’ stuff, humans are wonderful and complex creatures that inspire, produce innovation and somehow summon up a magic that can’t be replaced with a Roombie.


No matter how cute and loved, Roombie, you are just not one of us.


Love your work though.

‘Tis all about the People.