#Design Hacks – And a Trillion Dollar Idea

Oct 17, 2016
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Straight up, sorry with the delay in writing up my #60MOC Hack notes – I needed some time to reflect and get my thoughts clear. It was so good I did, as I promised, and day dreamed about the idea during my Sunday.

With a trillion dollar idea produced, I think this was the best yet.

The 60MOC Session itself was an overview of why Sun Tzu is still one of the most powerful business strategist around and a wonderful co-pilot when you are building a data strategy. His cutting insight will make you look at your plans and organisation differently. If you’d like a copy of the presentation please send an email to us and we’ll happily share.

During the session itself, we looked at the backdrop of when his ideas on strategy were first spawned and why an environment of volatility, or ‘warring states’ as it was known, created a unique insight and it sharpened the mind of those who value strategy that works, knowledge and a deep wish to work with real winners.

No more ‘charismatic’ but technically dumb leaders. Move over and make room for the real warriors of strategy.

After hearing from Sun Tzu with a bit of Monkey magic thrown in (it wouldn’t be 60MOC without some whimsy!), the 60MOC Hackers stayed on and sunk their collective brains into a complex, messy problem that brought together a few elements to wrestle with : workplace culture, managing risk, delivering profit, cost to government and recovery.

Like all the #60MOC Hacks, you never really know where it might go. Well, let me tell you where it went  … a brilliant, trillion dollar idea that might work.

We played and wrestled with how to solve workplace injuries/incidents in a way that could fix the person, let the business do okay and also allow the government services to respond well. And in amongst the drones, drugs on demand, holograms (a personal fav) and new models of well being care, a trillion dollar idea was spawned. Yup, a trillion dollar idea.

But please do not steal people’s ideas – because that sucks and it’s a really crappy thing to do.
Acknowledge Creative Commons

The idea was based around the concepts of collectives creating their own health insurance model and funded by their superannuation. Imagine that – we unlock our own super and then create a massive ‘self serving’ motivation to stay healthy and claim less. We reorientate our team away from the mercenary and declining model of ‘provider’ and ‘consumer’ to ‘facilitator’ and instead allow people to self manage and actually self care. We change the focus to ‘well being’ for a mutual gain/loss and produce mechanisms in the ecosystem of Life to help, manage and allow users to be fully in charge.

After all, isn’t this urge of self determination one of the most basic of human drivers?

Suspend !

Suspend all that you know before you start criticising. Use only the word ‘AND’ no ‘BUTs’.

And herein is the essence of a Hack. A chance to explore, knock around ideas, hypothesise and bravely play with the newness of the World that is before us. Your darling, well behaved facilitator (not) will drive you to be creative, take you to the edge of a cliff of concern and then push you right off.

And pretty much, you will love it as you fall down the sheer drop.

The skill in business is not to be an expert or some industry guru, it is about being able to solve problems with others and have a willingness to explore, prod and be brave. You must be trustworthy, respectful and above all, a good person to hang with. The Hacks and Sun Tzu delivered a whole lot of insight, but one of the biggest ones is that great people make a difference – so be choosy with who you invite and let stay on your team.  Run away from the dodgy brothers ..

So with that …

I would also like to acknowledge the team at MCBI. Each month they run the #60MOC series and the #60MOC Hacks. It doesn’t happen  without a lot of hard work and focus, and the MCBI Crew just rock. They prep, work with the speakers, greet all of you and then issue your certificates for professional development with amazing grace.

We do this because we believe whole heartedly in contributing to our community and adding to the collective knowledge of SA. Some might suggest it is a sales and lead generation forum, well, my cynical friends, it isn’t. I understand why some people need to say that, but it isn’t – it is genuinely different.

In fact, we go as far to ban sales and networking as a primary goal of attendance – and that goes for us too. #60MOC with 109 sessions behind it is an opportunity to enter a place without ‘sponsorship’ or leading conversations in the hope you’ll buy stuff.

We want clever people to join together and create awesomeness and Hack into ideas. Somehow we have maintained the collegiate feel over the many years and heightened the atmosphere to learn – but really, it is the team and the people who come actually along who have done this. So good on each of you!

Why tell you that?

Because if you’re not a 60MOCHer yet, then maybe the 110th session in Nov is your chance to pop along, join a Hack with a whole bunch of inspiring SA people. Everyone is welcome, so come along and join these funny, amazing brains who are showcasing professional learning and collaborating (that is the audience, not us!) every month.

  • Self managed health insurance ?
  • As crazy as a self managed superannuation scheme was …;)
  • Or a community bank in regional SA or on Goodwood Road