#60MOC Feb 10th 2017 – Creating cultural change using Agile

Jan 10, 2017
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Is Agile the ‘New Black’ for change management ?

A lot has been said about ‘Agile’ and the profound impact it can have on a project. But what about a whole company?

No wonder – it is the new way of delivering projects in this fast paced world where we need to be appealing 24 x 7.

But what about a whole company?


Agile was first developed as an improvement to the many software development problems that saw the distance and scope of traditional waterfall methods fail the business.


We all know many IT projects fail because of poor requirements, changing scope, inadequately skilled staff to manage complexity and very low levels of communication.

Most of us also know the ‘human element’ of a project will basically determine the success of failure.


Give me the choice between a’ certified PM with a bad attitude’ or a’ PM with a hunger to succeed and a capacity to work with people’, I can tell you which one I will choose every time.


After finally observing the way great developers and business analysts/team members can work together, even with vastly different skills, but united by a common goal, Agile was ‘inspired’.

But surely this thing we now call ‘Agile’ hits to the core of the human need to be heard, contribute and be respected for our skills and professional talent?


If this is so, then Agile is the perfect instrument to overhaul bad company culture. It brings back the need to speak with purpose, listen with intent and unite as a team to a common set of goals.



Those who have prospered in chaos, supported bad/political decision making or pushed aside rational/commercial logic in favour of ‘busyness’ projects will feel threatened by Agile. It is just so drenched in common sense for any other fool hardy approach to survive.

There is no doubt Agile upholds the many principles associated with commercial  success :

Seek great communication

Value teamwork

Goal achieving and chase real progress

Support and unify


But is it really a ‘new’ thing? Or is it just a re-badged common sense rule we need to be reminded of?

Dilbert would be out of a job if this is true, but then again, maybe it is just another fad that will wither under poor company culture. Only time will tell.



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