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Why do organisations choose customised training over public courses?

7 Reasons Bespoke Training is for you.



Why do organisations choose customised training over public courses?


MCBI is a specialist training and services company. We partner with our clients to produce powerful and life changing training experiences designed to enhance capability and organisational performance.

Our clients range from medium to large organisations who expect the best in global education and training services. Our customers include Origin Energy, SA Water, SAAB Systems, AWD, Australian Submarine Corporation, HAMBS, SA Power Networks, Red Cross, Bendigo Adelaide Bank and the Australian Federal Government, to name but a few of the successful companies that choose MCBI.

No matter the size, the unique need or aspiration of the leadership, MCBI will create a compelling training experience that will leave staff more motivated, productive and with a renewed commitment.

From project management to leadership to business agility and communications, MCBI has a solution to enhance your business.

Talk to us about our global certifications and how we can support you to create your vision with international accreditation.

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Here are the top 7 reasons why organisations choose customised training over public courses


1. You really want to build a corporate capability, not just train people

So you have been trying to bring in a new way of thinking about projects, but finding the old mindsets are holding people back from fully adopting a new way of doing things. Engaging a company to build a specific training program will support you to build a true capability, not just a series of skills within your team.

MCBI is skilled in conducting staff capability and assessments which means to you the chance to evaluate how close you are to fully achieving your goals of a new way of doing things.

2. You want disparate topics in one coherent learning experience

The modern workplace is far from neat and tidy, so why should your training be linear? Training is about being relevant and meeting the needs of your constituency and if they need a combination of conflict management skills with modern knowledge of process mapping then who are we to judge? MCBI has successfully woven in a number of seemingly disparate topics into highly engaging learning sessions which means to you that we can solve any odd collection of problems.

3. You want to connect your workplace tools to your training dollars

Custom training allows you to introduce your own templates, business strategy and personal experiences into the training. Many clients take the opportunity to use the training for senior leaders to address staff or launch a new internal team ethos.

4. Accreditation vs practical skills in the workplace

There is no doubt being recognised by an external professional body is a worthy pursuit, but the needs of the accrediting organisation are not always the same as the business. MCBI will work with you to build a course that meets the needs of your business now and, if required, ensure the material is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis or the Project Management Institute.


5. It is about time we had a few open and difficult conversations

How often have you wanted to say something at work that could improve or address an issue but have felt reluctant to do so? Private training sessions are often a wonderful forum to talk productively about issues and how to best address them. Our skilled trainers are sensitive facilitators and can help the group to navigate through issues in a positive and progressive way.

6. The public course dates don’t align to our schedule

Custom training is beautifully flexible and allows you to be in control of your schedules. You can plan in advance and along project schedules and key dates to work together.

7. I want a very cost effective solution

Custom training is often significantly cheaper than sending your people to a public course. The reason for this is you can negotiate the location, the dates and the style of courseware that suits your budget.

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Clients Testimonials

Creating real results is all that matters to MCBI. Our clients are our best advertisement.

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  • 'Thank you for running the 60 MOC training! The variety, knowledge and experience of the speakers keeps the content fresh and the presenters are enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects. I hav

  • 'I strongly agree the training material was well presented and the business analysis course will help me in my day to day duties and the presenter was very knowledgeable! Thanks! 2013

  • 'For me. the content of the training was really interesting. Therefore, I found all aspects as equally interesting. It was great !' 2014

  • 'Very impressed with the level of insight into the candidates, including the information provided on each candidate. Very professional service. Thanks!' 2014