Augmented PMO Project Resourcing On Demand



MCBI offers clients our specialist resourcing and consulting portal, The Jungal, to provide access to Australia’s best project resources. A free service that allows you to find exactly who you need and fast.

The Jungal is filled with talented, verified and motivated professionals who are ready to join your project.

And how do we know that they’re great? MCBI has verified every person and assessed their skills, cultural fit and capacity to perform the role.


Service Offerings

  • Online client portal to locate resources
    • On demand with innovative cost model
    • Access to verified staff locally and globally
  • PMO Software Suite
    • Zoho Projects
      • Cloud based project management
      • Resource Management
      • Optional Bug Tracker
      • Easy Task Allocation
      • Simple Budget Management
    • Zoho Service Desk
      • Integrates with most ERP systems
      • Provides an on demand and scalable solution
    • Zoho Reporting
      • Create your own insights
    • Zoho People
      • HR Solution


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