About Us

MCBI is led by industry experts who bring passion, expertise and authentic leadership to the firm.


Head-officed in the heart of entrepreneurial Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, MCBI is a progressive and innovative professional services firm established in 2005. The business started with a vision of creating a truly unique model that would allow business to tap into some of the best resources and ‘grey matter’ Australia had to offer, access proven tools to deliver exceptional projects and for staff, have a place to call their professional home.

With our three distinct pillars of service : Human Capital Services, Solution Delivery and now the Jungal, for project resourcing, MCBI is an authentic ‘on demand’ project management office for your organisation.

Since 2005, we have delivered over 500 000 hours of management consulting, audited over $75m worth of projects and delivered 1000’s of hours of corporate training across Australia. Our flagship technical mentoring program, GROW, has supported numerous professionals to take bold steps forward in their career and achieve greater professional satisfaction and skill mastery.

And all the while, we have achieved or exceeded our 95% customer satisfaction rating. We simply love working with people.

Seeing progressive projects hit milestones with satisfied CEO’s, executives and managers, is what makes us get out of bed in the morning. We believe CEOs and leaders know their own business and industry, and we like to think of ourselves as the hired ‘brain and bodies’ to help assist and shed light over the path of how to bring innovation into your business, no matter how small or big.

MCBI is more than just a place to produce ideas, it is a firm that believes in the magic of people and the unlimited potential we have when we believe and work hard.


MCBI is led by industry experts who bring passion, expertise and authentic leadership to the firm.

Our high performing MCBI Advisory Board and broader leadership create a safe set of hands who shape and direct the growth strategy of our wonderful firm. Each have a commitment to upholding the values of MCBI and ensuring that our corporate values of People, Education, Advisory, Commitment and Enjoyment are lived every day and providing advice to see the business continue to prosper.