TRAINING Learning Experiences


TRAINING Learning Experiences

MCBI offers a broad array of learning and development experiences to help you to build and grow your organisation.


2017-08-30 04:33:25

MCBI Zoho symposium – Cloud Software Applications for Business - 19th October 2017


Zoho is a revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. With over 50 integrated applications there's a solution to meet your need. MCBI is an Authorised Partner with Zoho. We love this software and truly believe it’s one of the best products out there. To share the Zoho love we'll

MCBI Training Centre

2017-08-24 12:49:19

Leadership and Technical Teams – Modern Australian leadership for technical gurus – 4th December - 04th December 2017


Leading People for High Performance Technical people spend their early career focused on developing their technical capabilities and then one day they are thrust into a leadership position where they are now required to manage people. The ability to quickly develop your modern leadership capabilities

MCBI Training Centre - Adelaide

2017-08-24 11:31:09

Are you a modern and Adaptive Leader? – Adelaide – November 22nd & 23rd – 2 Day Workshop - 22nd November 2017


Explore and learn the latest global techniques based on the highly acclaimed Harvard 'Adaptive Leadership' principles   Leadership was identified in a 2016 global survey to be the second most concerning topic for executives. Current leadership models simply aren’t enough to keep up

MCBI Training Centre - Adelaide

2017-08-24 10:32:50

#60MOC October: Projects and Portfolio Management – punching above our weight - 06th October 2017


Free Professional Development Seminar to help share the knowledge of how to run programmes of real value Friday - 8am to 9am   'Those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan.'  ~ Winston Churchill But are the rules of management we apply

The Science Exchange

2017-08-24 10:24:23

Agile First Principles – Melbourne – September 27th & 28th – 2 Days – PMI Endorsed - 27th September 2017


The key aspects of the Agile framework shared by our our international Agile facilitator Agile First Principles Have you been looking for a quick and simple course in Melbourne to introduce your team and business people to the basics of Agile? Well, you have now found it! MCBI is thrilled

Cliftons Melbourne

2017-08-24 10:17:22

The Agile Business Analyst – What you need to know – Sept 25th & 26th - 25th September 2017


Join us and learn how to be an Agile BA with flexible moves and grooves Learn how to change your approach to requirements gathering Understand what your new BA role is in the world of Agile Get super excited as we enter the world of ‘Value Analysts’ Join us for a wonderful two day

MCBI Training Centre - Adelaide

2017-08-24 07:57:20

#60MOC Forward Thinking Executive Lunch – ‘The Adaptive Human’ – Sept 1st - 01st September 2017


Description "Worry not that your child listens to you; worry most that they watch you." Ronald A. Heifetz, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World As our businesses transform and change, so do our people and their expectations of their working

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