22nd March, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

The 2018 Adaptive Strategies Mini Series

Date(s) - 22/03/2018 - 22/11/2018
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join us for a dynamic, multi-faceted seminar series to expand your leadership  potential amongst likeminded professionals. The 2018 Adaptive Mini Series will allow you to unpack the key aspects of the progressive Adaptive Leadership techniques, try it out at work and then return to a group and share your experiences.

These interactive lunch time sessions will be held  bi-monthly from March 2018 to November 2018 and expertly facilitated by Maria Eliadis.

Maria’s approach is informed by the latest developments in neuro-science, an appreciation of the psychological dimensions of experiencing change and the principles and practices of Adaptive Leadership – a framework which addresses complexity and adaptability.


 22nd March 2018
Positioning leadership – leading adaptively and mindfully

Explore the relationship between formal and informal leadership and the art of ‘keeping the work where it belongs’. Understanding that you can approach leadership from many different ‘lens’ and how to stay ‘present’ in your leadership through noticing, reflection and questioning.


24th May 2018

Stepping up with strategic awareness

Diagnosing complexity and calibrating how much ‘skin’ you have in the game.  It starts with you so how do you prepare. Develop your analytical framework to understand and manage the challenges YOU will/do face. If the situation is complex and challenging the leadership experience will be too.


26th July 2018

Seeking and Giving Feedback  – using feedback loops

Feedback, formal and informal, giving and receiving it, is central to leading change. Make it easier by learning how to filter facts from feelings from fables – yours and other peoples. A deep dive into the purpose and power of feedback and how to make it meaningful and useful.


 27th September 2018

Having difficult conversations  – balancing reactions and repercussions with responsibility

Dealing with avoidance, denial and pushbacks is the hard work of leading in challenging and complex situations. Accepting the responsibility means handling the reactions and repercussions.

The hard work of leadership is often in the need to have conversations about difficult behaviours/attitudes. It is the point where most people step back or away. It needs to able to balance the IR, HR and PR of the situation.


 22nd November 2018

Solving problems – opening up to blue skies

Create your own mini ‘lab’ space by embracing peer to peer collaboration. Don’t just shift difficult, complex, ‘stuck’ problems, make the sky your limit.

Two heads are better than one and I’m sure three and four are better than two. When you need team work and you need new ideas to shift a stubborn problem, collaboration can be the key to supporting people making a difference. If it is not business as usual (and it often isn’t) then you need to create it and ‘train’ the team to collaborate.

Seven reasons why this will change you

  1. Develop critical and reflective thinking abilities
  2. Exhibit responsible decision making and personal accountability
  3. Learn to work effectively with those different from themselves
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork
  5. Develop a range of leadership skills and strategies, such as effectively lead change, resolving conflict and people skills
  6. Networking with like-minded individuals
  7. Build on your professional development



Package deal of $895 + GST for 5 sessions attendee. Note : If absent for a session you can place a colleague in your place. $195 per student per session  if booking as one off

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Maria Eliadis

FTE Speaker - Adaptive Leadership Consultant