Customer Centricity Capability Building Programmes



Creating an organisation that has a deep understanding and relentless commitment to customer service yields significant dividends. Higher staff morale, better returns and a lower risk profile produces a better business.

For over 10 years MCBI has worked with clients to produce outstanding CX transformations. Our approach has seen dramatic and lasting change in many small and larger organisation who have created unique solutions to enhance the customer, patient or student experience.

 Service Offerings

  • Organisational Assessments
  • Training – Public and Private
    • CX and Journey Mapping
    • Process Design for CX
    • Better Business Analysis
    • Six Sigma and Lean
    • Digital CX Design
    • Sales Training
  • Coaching
  • CX Improvement Programmes for Staff
  • Management Consulting
    • Digital Strategy
    • People and Performance
  • CRM Software Solutions
    • Zoho Cloud Based CRM
    • Social Media Management
    • Sales IQ and Analytics
    • Campaign Management
    • Client Surveys

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